Can Dentists be an SEO Expert, SEO Consultant, and a Marketer?
May 6, 2018
May 8, 2018


Disadvantages of SEO: does SEO have one? Of course, there can be.

What is its main disadvantage?

As SEO is an online marketing strategy that helps a website and its products to be sold off quickly, even though the buildup of reputation might take some time but it is ensured that once it starts it will be an uphill from there. Even if SEO is halted, the existing work will still function as is and will still end the website with leads and sales.

The biggest disadvantage is when your leads are quickly built up, you cannot easily slow down the sales or leads for a few weeks as such.


If the time comes that the demand for your customer’s increases rapidly, let’s say 10 times the normal, will you be able to cope up with it and still give a proper service?

Qualifying Leads

If inquiries in a B2B website increases 10 times the normal amount of inquiries, will you be able to handle it? How will you handle those qualifying leads versus the other poor leads?

ExtraDigital an example of an e-commerce website has seen an incredible increase in their sales with the help of SEO, thus the business has to have the resources to able to handle this situation.

Disadvantages of SEO:

Getting attention from the audience other than your target market

With using SEO, this means that your exposure to the internet is wider, with this you can attract not just your target audience but also other SEO competitors with the same product as you have,this might result in a greater competition as they might see that their sales are reducing, thus giving them the idea that they should up their game and will try to defeat you. Also, other SEO websites will be selling their services to you as they will see you as a great target. Spam also will increase rapidly, but this can be easily avoided with the use of good filters.


Using SEO guarantees you a success in a given time, but the real danger is when the success is there but you can’t handle the demand anymore, that’s why before using SEO services one must really be ready with the increase of demand, how to handle the volume of leads and sales, because if these can’t be lived up to then a series of opportunities will be lost at a significant rate.


Black hats offer services at a lower price than White Hats, also claiming that they’ll let you reach the top spot at the search engine results but they do this by breaking rules that might result in you being kicked out by the search engine results because of getting caught by Google Penalty. However, White Hat companies provide services at a higher cost but we’ll make sure that they will safely do it and will strictly follow rules, still giving you daily SEO results regularly. Not all SEO’s are White Hat ones, so it would really be advisable to do a background check on them before handing them your website and trusting them with your services or products.